Live Tracking gives you the real time information on your vehicles current location, speed, alerts, fuel level, seat belt status etc..

fleet management system

Locate, track, dispatch and analyze your fleet and operate efficiently to the government safey regulations and boost your profit.

performance analysis

Analyze driver performance, vehicle performance and cost analysis, perfomance based bonus/salary calculations etc...

automated trip sheet generation

Automated trip sheet generation, client managment, branch management, agents management for logistics companies...

complete business solutions

We customize our applications to suit your business needs and host locally with complete control over your business data's...

safety and security

Track your vehicles in case of theft, fuel theft, overspeed alerts, seat belt alerts, camera integeration, towing alerts etc...

Hi there... do you need customized solutions to suit your business needs?

Yes... We develop customised Fleet Management, Lositics Solutions to suit your business needs. Don't hesitate even a single moment...



Cloud based saas model

Huge savings on hardware and software expenditure.  You can even deploy on your own server.


API Integeration

We can integerate with your existing ERP or CRM to improve your businees with performance...


check asset utilisation

Check your overall asset utilisation, service & maintenance costs, ROI per vehicle.


colLaberate with clients

Let them know exactly where the consignment is and when it will arrive to their warehouse.

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end-to-end Logistics solutions

Complete logistic solutions which includes Operations, Tariff, Fleet Management & Tracking, Maintenance & Purchase, Finance & Accounting with automated reports...

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automated tracking of teams/employees

Automated tracking of Employees, Teams, Studens, Assets, Products ... You name anything.. We can give you the solutions... Performance based salary for Drivers, Employees, Sales Force etc...

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very good service and highly skilled resources.

Chenthil / Project Coordinator


When we were searching for a fleet management solutions we foundout Neo Telematics is the only service provider ready to customize and deploy on our own server because of data security

surprised to see the performance based driver salary using rfid

K. Balaji /Proprietor


Performance based salary, bonus calculations helped my drivers have confidence on the system using RFID which made them earn more and also increased my profit.